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Hostage Crisis at Amphitrite Station

Evening broadcasts on the Colonial Broadcasting Network are interrupted for breaking news of a hostage crisis on Amphitrite Station, above the colony of Aerelon:

Five members of a group calling themselves the Aerelon 15 sealed the doors at Cafe Amphitrite on Amphitrite station, taking hostage 50 men, women and children, among them Qurorum Representative Stephen Alba. The group demanded a release of prisoners taken during the Aerelon Day Raids, and named Werner Burke in particular. Witnesses say that Representative Alba spoke to the commanders of the visting Battlestars Neptune and Acropolis, telling them to withhold action till further notice. However, as negotiations failed between the Representative and the five men (who all took aliases of gods) and gunfire rang out, a joint taskforce of Acropolis and Neptune Marines assaulted the sealed doors, taking the Cafe by force.

A spokesman for Amphitrite Station reports tha three of the terrorists died before or during the assault, and many civilians were wounded. Mr. Drake Diamond, owner of the Triton Grand Casino, was critically wounded by a gunshot at point blank. No word yet on his condition. Reports from the scene show a number of children - upwards of a dozen, by some counts - being carried out on stretchers.

We'll be bringing you all the details on this story as they unfold.

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